Friday, October 30, 2015

Introducing Easy way science

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Look at the first picture.

Now look at the second one.

Thats is exactly what we want to achieve !!

Easy Way Science aims at teaching STEM in a fun way. In a way that lets children, teenagers and everyone else explore wonders of nature though DIY STEM kits and activities coupled with modern audio/visual technologies. To be honest Easy Way Science is being started out of frustration. During our school days we witness how we are forced to memorize simple concepts in science and mathematics, without actually knowing the true meaning and physical interpretations of those concepts.

Therefore our aim is to bring teaching methods & systems which stresses more on explaining true meaning and applications of what we learn instead of just memorizing those concepts (and get excellent grades!).

All this through investigative and exploratory activities. Each activity and kit is developed to match the prescribed curriculum in schools. This helps the students during our STEM activity since they are already familiar with theoretical aspects. Needless to say, our programs are open for all age groups. If you have desire to learn some thing new enroll with us and explore wonders of nature.

Happy Science !!

Please watch this short intro to understand more about us and our end goal:


We used Microsoft Imaging tools in our Photomicroscopy workshop. Students clicked minute insects and used these tools to explore the details further.

Foldscopes , an origami based USD 1, Microscope

We got this innovation from Prakash Lab, at Standford University for beta testing. It is an amazing concept and a huge potential.

Onion peel, projected on wall from foldscope using mobile phone flash

3D printing

We recently learnt about Microsoft's 3d printing solutions.

We would like to use it in our upcoming workshops on 3d printing, as well as our senior students would like to explore development using SDK that you are providing. Looks very interesting

Why Microsoft ?

We want to innovate in classrooms, by both teachers and students, and we believe that microsoft's innovative technologies can be used to achieve this goal

Who am I ?

We are a group electronics engineers , passionate about teaching and making it interesting both for educators and students. Though this organisation is little new , we have big dreams and a long way to go. We are very much clear about our goals , and we are constantly working towards our goal.

We want to bring those "Aa ha" moments in the classrooms :-)

Rehana, Microbiologist of future :-)

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